Many of our clients come to us overwhelmed and under-informed about the collections and accumulations that they and their families are faced with. Appraisers Associates are a problem-solving team: we are expert at figuring out the correct identification of an item and its value level. Importantly, we find the most efficient and economical way to provide appraisal services and produce the best sales for our private and corporate clients.

Along with our extensive research library and resources, we utilize our long-standing relationships with a widespread network of experts and specialists. We have a longstanding proven record of achieving the best sales through strategic placement and marketing in regional, national and international venues. We work closely with our clients and their families, as well as attorneys and estate executors, to provide the highest level of professional service. Our services include producing appraisal documentation, art investment and advisory, as well as organizing and handling strategic, successful selling. We perform appraisals for insurance, estates, divorce, equitable distribution, and market analysis.

It is not entirely unusual for overlooked treasures to be tucked away in storage or even hiding in plain sight in someone’s home. Known for having made numerous important discoveries, Mr. Lipton and his team have found valuable items, often misidentified by experts, dealers and auction companies, which we have gone on to sell for substantial prices. We handle all categories of objects of value, including paintings, drawings and sculpture, furniture and decorations, modern and contemporary art and design, jewelry, silver, coins, watches, books, vintage cars and all other forms of personal property.